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2 Dudes At An Impromptu Flower Crown Workshop

Added on by Kenneth Munoz.

So it's Sunday afternoon, we've just finished brunch with Maggie Pate of Inks + Thread at The Farmer's Daughter when Jamie of Our Ampersand Photography hits all of our phones at once with a text. "I've got flowers, you've got heads, let's shoot a flower crown thing" - she texted, probably, cause my phone is dead and I can't remember the exact wording. 

So after much deliberating and Maggie excusing herself to bake (something amazing and with apples I bet) we decided to hang out at Emily Unkle's place WHICH WAS SUCH A PERFECT CHOICE. HOW DO PEOPLE FILL IN HOMES WITH STUFF.


In all it was definitely the best way to spend the remainder of our weekend considering Jay and I were going to drink PBR's and make hot wings before this came up.  

Here are some of my favorite moments from today which you'll notice are lacking in flowers cause Jaime was handling that while I got lost in the Unkle household with my 85mm.